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V-Ray Next untuk SketchUp 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 dan 2020 ADV, update 2.2  


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5 Agustus 2020 02:56  

Link download:

VRay Adv 42003 SketchUp WIN

VRay Adv 42003 SketchUp OSX

What's new

  • Improved matte elements generation - The Material Random Color and Cryptomate render elements now correctly generate unique colors for materials passed through a Two Sided shader or ones using the Translucency attribute.
  • SketchUp Colorization - The standard SketchUp material option Colorize no longer gets activated on texture application. 
  • Sun photon emission - A number of fixes improve the way in which Sunlight caustic photons are emitted.
  • CUDA engine stability - Improved stability across specific workflows related to CUDA hybrid rendering and the use of NVLink.
  • Other improvements - Improved compatibility with some of the most popular SketchUp plugins especially ones utilizing V-Ray Proxy Meshes.

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