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V-Ray Next untuk SketchUp 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 dan 2020 ADV, update 2  


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VRay Adv 42001 SketchUp WIN

VRay Adv 42001 SketchUp OSX

New and improved features in V-Ray Next for SketchUp, update 2 includes:

  • RTX support - Boost your V-Ray GPU performance with NVIDIA RTX technology.
  • Proxies with materials - Import or create a proxy mesh asset and V-Ray will automatically generate a set of material slots, making it easier to manage materials.
  • Color assistant - Choose the exact color you need with the right hue, saturation and value variation with the Color Assistant, V-Ray Color Picker's new extension.
  • Improved materials - We've optimized the underlying shading structure of all scene materials, so advanced attributes can now be added or removed without cluttering the material properties.
  • Unified installer - Enjoy a smooth, single-step installation of all the components included in the V-Ray package.
  • Color themes - A new “Bright” color theme is now available for the V-Ray user interface.
  • Partial scene export - Export only the current selection as a .vrscene file containing its applied materials, lights and other V-Ray special objects.
  • VRscans enhancement - The VRscans material now includes a triplanar texture projection mode, removing the need for UV mapping of objects that use the material.

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